International Book Fair Gva

International Book Fair Gva


Genève, 29 ème Salon du livre, from 29th april till 3th may 2015, Suisse

I am again invited at the 28th International Book Fair and Press, programming will be online soon. From 30 April to 4 May 2014

Photographe : Pierre Albouy pour le Salon International de Geneve 2014.

YOGAVEDA dates 2014:

Wednesday April 30th, 10 am

Friday May 2nd, 10 am

Saturday May 3, 10 am

Saturday May 3rd, 6 pm

Sunday May 4th, 10 am

Sunday May 4th, 6 pm

I am invited to offer my workshops on the 27th International Book Fair and Press, it will take place at Geneva’s Palexpo from 1st to 5th May 2013

There is the following workshops who are offered, they are free access and limited places. If possible bring a towel or a matress.

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Wednesday, May 1st:

  •      10h-10h45: Yoga for all
  •      18h-18h45: Workshop self-massage: hands and arms

Thursday, May 2nd

  •       10h-10h45: Yoga with Children: the yoga of the animals
  •      18h-18h45: Workshop self-massage: face, head, neck

Friday, May 3rd

  •      10h-10h45: Yoga with Children: the yoga of the animals

Saturday, May 4th

  •      10h-10h45: Yoga for women

Sunday, May 5th

  •      10h-10h45: Yoga for pregnant women
  •      18h-18h45: Initiation on the essential oils

I will be pleased to meet you there



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