Photo project : birth at home

Photo project : birth at home


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Last exhibitions

Lyon, Maison de santé de la Guillotière, from 07th april till 7th june 2016, France

Nyon, Paléo, from 20th till 26th july 2015, Suisse

Genève, Alternatiba, from 18th till 20th september 2015, Suisse

Granada, from 10th November 2014 till 8th January 2015, La biblioteca de Andalucia, Spain

Pilsen, 15 thn November 2014, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic

Fribourg – from 13th till 28th October, birth house The little Prince, Switzerland

Geneva – 14/06/2014 – Plainpalais, Switzerland

Prague – from 1st to 4th June 2014 – Congress center, Czech Republic

Zurich, 15 th May 2014 – World trade center, Switzerland

The project

I INVITE you to view first editions PHOTO PROJECT
On Saturday, June 14 on Plainpalais under the tent of the Arcade association midwives which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The first exhibition will be held during the congress of the Swiss midwives in Zurich on May 15

I want to get interested in a minority: the free lance midwives practicing home birth.

I got the desire to do this job because I was repeatedly confronted with the words of parents: “But is it still exists? “.
This sentence spoke to me, I noticed a lack of information on this subject for a majority of the population. I decided to respond with a visual message that I think will be most striking and affecting more than text.

I want to show through the eyes of a midwife, photographs taken of her colleagues in the coaching of couples during the birth of their child at home.

The purpose of my job is to educate people about natural phenomena minority today in the vast majority of so-called “economically rich.”

Many women are unaware of their rights regarding their pregnancy and motherhood. Some are afraid to ask questions and “take control” of the birth of their child. Some struggle to voice their needs and desires.

I chose film photography as well as the accompaniment of the birth, it is necessary to take time, be patient and to listen.
This project is crude and without special effects to reflect the reality and allow observers to feel their emotions freely, their feelings, their thoughts.

The technique is silver behind the photograph as the home birth was the first of which took place the birth and remains to this day that of the majority of births worldwide.
Women do not know their rights regarding their pregnancy and motherhood, they do not dare ask questions and “take control” of their pregnancy. I put in parallel, homebirth and hospital birth with film photography or digital photography and advanced techniques with tradition. Not to mention that home birth and film photography are still practiced today.


I wish to propose an exhibition for a period of at least one month in downtown Geneva.
Access to the exhibition will be free to allow as many people interested to go there.
My job is not for profit. My availability for this project are outside my working hours.

Exhibition venue

I am looking for a place available to expose this project.


Link to view some of my photographs:
With the support of the Swiss Federation of Midwives, the Association of Midwives Arcade Geneva, the Swiss Federation of Midwives Section Geneva.

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