Anne, the 21/05/14

Hello Nadia,

Baby was born on May 10. The delivery (vaginal) is super well and was fast (5hrs). Attached is a photo of the little. Thank you again for your advice and your classes

Anne, the 08/05/14

Hello Nadia,

I followed your prenatal yoga classes in December and January, and I am writing to you to announce the birth of Nina! She was born on April 15 at the Rose Garden home birth, and everything went well. Nina goes well and we do everything smoothly our new life together!

My delivery went well, very quickly. So I did not really have time to practice yoga exercises during childbirth, but against it helped me a lot during pregnancy, to keep moving and relieve some pain, and to prepare for childbirth … it helped me gain confidence in myself for a physiological birth! Thank you!

I would now like to register for a postnatal yoga with Nina.

So see you soon!

S. , the 04/13/14

Dear Nadia ,

After a few months , I finally took the time to write to you as promised to tell you the birth of L.

Pregnancy was interminable because it set off 10 days after the end but luckily the day before it causes me .

It all started one morning. The contractions were still more frequent and I could immediately implement deep breathing and concentration on pain to evacuate and relax a maximum . Let go his body itself.

I took a bath, which helped me a lot .

Finally we went to the mat after staying as long as possible at home.

After remaining a few hours emergency , a bathroom nature could be released. Unfortunately I did not really get to enjoy or implement all the exercises of your course because I was completely knocked out.
Basically I slept almost the whole way.

At times I had to get up I could do the exercise to move the pelvis in a circle but that’s all.

The most important was really meditation and concentration on pain.
It really helped me to remain calm throughout.

After approximately 5 -6h . of labor, the contractions were always together and I had the feeling of never being able to recover and the midwife pushed me to do the epidural telling me I was going to get worse later because it was it pierces the bag of waters . In short, it made ​​me a little scared instead of reassuring me (not very friendly and professional . I learned later that this was his second birth).

So I accepted the epidural and when I asked for a small amount , the anesthesiologist told me that it did not exist . Me unable to discuss longer I let it go .

Shortly after the same pain persisted and that’s how I learned later , that he had bitten badly and so I did not have the desired effect.

Pretty soon I also felt I had to push and the midwife told me ” no, you still have time ” and luckily I insisted because baby was actually there.
Then a few contractions he came out as a soap.

So I want to say that this is really anything when we are told we will be even more evil and that we do not hold out until the end . Finally I did it, I have good memories and my baby was not unwelcome , he took his time and did all his work as a great .

The body and its hormones are so well done, it’s magic. I was completely out of order, my body went left and everything is done naturally. It’s amazing what nature has the power.

Finally I gave birth to a baby of 4,100 pounds. If they had correctly estimated its weight , given my gabari , I’m sure they would insist on a caesarean section.

Whew! I had a wonderful birth, up to my expectations.

In the meantime I was fired and therefore will enroll me in yoga with babies if you always do .

I send you a photo of the back mat and present my big baby zen, a real Léon- disorderly .

I embrace you , wish you every success with your many projects and look forward to presenting you my love kibble .

Geraldine on 10/04/14

Dear Nadia,

With a little delay, this little message to introduce yourself small Noam born March 3, 2014 and thank you for your classes and tips: childbirth is really well, and your prenatal yoga are undoubtedly for some thing!
My gynecologist has also noticed that “his patients who had yoga had always a great breath control” Comments

Again thank you and see you soon,


Niro, on 20.03.14

Hi Nadia ,

I just had yoga classes with you and I would like to offer the same yoga courses to a pregnant friend.
I told her about it and she will be ready to start the classes from April 10 ( the 18h course on Thursday) .
I wanted to know if you still have availibilities for this course so I can register her.

Thank you very much for these courses, they helped me to tone, relax and prepare
myself for this happy event that awaits me!

Waiting for your kind reply,

Yours Sincerely

Sara, on 17.03.14

Hello Nadia,
I hope you are well.
I delivered a small baby Elisa on February 25. With a few days ‘delay’, the due date was scheduled for 20th. She was 3.790 kg and 51 cm.
Everything went very well, I have delivered vaginally. I wanted to thank you for all the good advice I received during prenatal yoga classes.
Breathing exercises and postures helped me enormously during labor to take a few hours without an epidural and I was able to move well. I then still called an epidural. The epidural was not a walking epidural, that was pretty low dose and I was able to move my legs well. I could have, I think, put me on all fours or in other positions on the bed. However, I do so no longer had the desire and strength.
Here in a few words a little feed back Comments
Thank you a lot!

Stéphanie, on 27.02.14

Hello Nadia!
This email to announce you the birth of my son, Matthias, this Saturday, February 22!
Everything went well, he arrived at 39 weeks and I could live this birth at home birth as I wanted. This is a beautiful place and I was very well surrounded. I believe that yoga has helped me to get in my bubble and let my body all the way!
Thank you again for your course that helped me a lot, as my pregnancy to live peacefully and well when my body was changing, as childbirth itself, and I’m sure I’ll still feel the benefits in my new life mom!
Probably soon for postnatal yoga …

Esther, on 13.02.14

Hello Nadia,
I hope you’re fine!
Some news first of one of your prenatal yoga student before Christmas!
My daughter Danae was born on January 9th!
Contractions lasted 24 hours and was going very well, I breathed deeply and I was able to support the contractions without an epidural even when they pierced the amniotic bag, but the cervix stopped to open because the head of Danae was in an asynclite presentation, then after epidural, provocation, placed on the side etc etc, it still ended in cesarean …
My faith … it’s like this … everyone is well, and this is the most important!
Danae is already a month now and she is doing very well except for a few sessions and therefore colic cries long and hard …
She smiles and she is so cute!
I looked at the dates of your postnatal yoga, there is some place for the session that begins on April 3rd?
Thank you and greetings

Myriam, on 04.02.14

I’m sorry for the late information, I was busy with the baby, Christmas and visits.
I gave birth on 4th December, naturally, without an epidural. Breathing and relaxation have helped me a lot during childbirth to relax between contractions and to mobilize my hips. The ball and the bathtub too.
We spent only three hours in the delivery room.
We hope to see you soon.

Emily, on 16.01.14

Hello Nadia ,
I enjoy a little quiet time to give you my news.
I gave birth on January 4th of a little boy. Since this is happiness but also a total upheaval of my life …. Damien sleep well and wake up once a night so we are kindly trying to find our rhythm.
My birth happened relatively quickly. My husband was skiing. When he returned in the evening, I told him I was in pain but I did not know what it was . I still noted times when I felt they went and returned. When they became regular and 4-5 minutes intervals for one hour I called the midwife. There, she told me to wait because obviously I was not very bad. But soon after I lost the water and we were off. We arrived around midnight to maternity. I hesitated to give birth without an epidural but feeling the pain of contractions, I requested. Unfortunately, there was no free delivery room or anesthesiologist . So I waited at the prenatally service. When I could no longer stand the pain, I called a midwife who examined me and told me I had to go in the delivery room but I was supported very well. I found came in a “nature” room, but I was not able to explore the possibilities, because I was about to give birth. When pushing the baby got stuck , heart rate decreased and therefore the vacuum Kiwi was used. Suddenly, I found myself with two midwives on the belly … And Damien was born in 5:23.
So I gave birth without an epidural a little in spite of myself . But as I looked at that, I’m glad I did it and it has not traumatized me. In the management of pain, I have not used the positions views over because I felt better half sitting position during contractions. By cons, breathing exercises have been very helpful to me. On the other hand, I repeated in my head : “The contraction is my friend.” Relaxation made ​​in the course also helped me a lot: because at the beginning and end of contractions, I learned to relax and not tense up on me pain.
Kind regards

Laura, on 08.01.14

Hello Nadia,
Thank you for your message. Best wishes for the new year hoping you spent good time in Morocco!
Our little Evy was born on Monday evening, after a day’s work I was fully dilated but I had a caesarean section because her little foot was down and her hear deflected. Yoga classes have served me well for managing the pain, for concentration, for breathing and for strength. Thank you!
I’ll have to wait how long do you think before attacking postnatal yoga after cesarean? I’m looking forward to moving again, for now I have pain …! What do you advise me to book a place already?
Cheers and thank you again for everything – including reiki which gave me a little peace in this whirlwind.

Anita, on 08.01.14

Hello Nadia,
These few words to announce you the birth of our two wonderful daughters, born on 12th December 2013 and are doing very well.
In terms of delivery, unfortunately, nothing happened as I had imagined and desired.
We are finally home and sleepless nights have started Comments
Finally, I want to thank you for your work and invaluable assistance in the preparation of this beautiful event. I have not been able to apply the exercises during childbirth, but they have been very helpful to me during the pregnancy and especially the last few weeks.
Hoping to see you soon,

Cécilia, on 06.01.14

Dear Nadia ,
My little baby was born on December 22th 2013 at 12:10 !
It is a beautiful baby (of course ) of 3.270 kg and 53 cm!
He endured all childbirth as a great and he pushed with me all his strength to get out but we had to help with a cesarean section because it was finally too uptight …
And yes, I had a natural birth almost as I wanted Comments
Work began during the night and around 2:00 in the morning it is regulated and the contractions were every 5 minutes and that’s what I was after 1:30 maternity HUG.
I came across a midwife who was a guardian angel for any delivery that lasted more than 10 hours ….
I ‘m glad I expressed my desires for my delivery before birth because they were rated on my medical records and the midwife there was very attentive throughout the childbirth !
And even when I was exhausted and I felt like I was no longer able to manage the pain with breathing and singing and even I thought I was dying, the midwife has remember my desires to give birth naturally restoring courage me, helping me find the best positions and massaging me between contractions.
My husband was very supportive and was also amazed to see my willpower.
I have been in a ” nature delivery room” of HUG maternity and even test the bath! Very good!
But after more than 10 hours of work and over an hour of spontaneous outbreaks , the doctor asked me to do an epidural and try to turn the baby inside and make thrusts directed. But despite this and 1h later, we had to do a caesarean section. I was very scared but everything went well and now I’m recovering slowly. More slowly after delivery by low channels but I take my pain with patience.
Thank you for your support during pregnancy ! Yoga has been invaluable as childbirth during pregnancy.
All breathing techniques are a real treasure for me to face a lot of things in life in general and during childbirth more!
I ‘m sending you my best wishes for the new year!
Whether sweet and rich experiences !
See you soon!

Orsolya, on 08.12.13

Many thancks for the relaxation workshop Nadia, the pain from my shoulders is gone. Looking forward to the next class!

Rita, on 27.11.13


Just to inform you that I delivered last night a girl 3.52kg and 50cm .

A memorable experience birth in the La roseraie birthing center.

I would like to thank you for the help you have given me during my pregnancy. I lived my delivery with great serenity and confidence. Over the perineum remained intact , no tearing.

Best regards

Diane on 11/26/13

Hello Nadia,

I would like to announce you the birth of my son William. I attached some pictures for you.

He was born on November 3 at 11:11 in HUG maternity. Everything went well and your advice has been invaluable to me!

I lost the waters early Saturday evening but the contractions started at about 1am. It was very intense because of all the pre- work and up to 2 cm dilatation was done in 3 hours. I used some of the techniques I learned from you had and what worked best for me was to keep moving, walk as much as possible.

Then already 2cm I could not go because there was no break between contractions and then I asked for the epidural. But it could be raised only 2 hours later as we were several at the same time to give birth and have requested! But I am very happy to have final held 2h more (even though it was difficult at the time) because it allowed me to be dilated to 6cm what was my wish.

The anesthetist was very well balanced epidural because I was still moving and I felt contractions but more pain. I could recuperate before the grand finale Comments

Even with the epidural, labor and the expansion continued normally, and everything went well. Towards the end, we needed a bit of a sucker to help prevent baby because the cord out normally.

Here’s a long story, all that to say thank you for your ongoing and valuable advice! Even the midwife thought it was going well and quickly and asked me what I had done in preparation for the birth Comments

You can count on me in your classes for the next pregnancy!

In the meantime, I wish you all the best.

Thank you.

Fanny on 14.11.13

Nadia cuckoo!

I gave birth to a girl.

She was born on 06/11/2013 at 4:47am – 3680gr – 50cm

It’s a miracle, it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced! …

I wanted to thank you with all my heart and all my soul, because with your yoga and birth preparation (I followed it 3 times!) I was really ready and I remembered felt your advice was invaluable! I gave birth without an epidural, even if the doctors wanted me to make one, luckily my midwife was able to defend me in that moment if I had put in the birth plan that I wanted in no case it offers me but I was going to ask if necessary. It was a labor induced with hormones because doctors were afraid it was going to be a baby too (hence their desire to get an epidural) but after that my water broke pocket that is placed alone on the road. This is the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. Yes, it hurt me, but I discovered a strength I had never felt before Nadia, once I had more infusion I could really move in all positions possible, I let myself go, I stopped my head and I just focused on my body, my baby and me , breathing and my intuition.

Thank you thank you thank you very much Nadia, it’s great your yoga and you do it very well!

And I will also enroll for postnatal yoga classes.

I kiss you; I hope you ‘re okay! Thank you and see you soon.

Leticia on 05.10.13

Hello Nadia,

It is with great joy that I announce the birth of my son Louis, born October 15, 3.5 kg and 53 cm! Everything went well, it was released in 3 hours after the rupture of the amniotic sac but much more painful than the birth of my daughter because he was posterior and did not rotate, so I had to push, push, push and push again and everything on the left! Unlike my eldest born without an epidural, I have been able to do without this time, glad to have tried both and now convinced that every birth is different! Thank you for your yoga because I tried to remain calm and above all I know where / how to push the perineum which allowed me not to have postpartum inconvenience. And if not, I managed to lower my blood pressure with a mantra! I begin to try to find a little routine and it ‘s going pretty well, although two, the pace is fast!


Good result for your classes and good winter. Thank you.

Veronique on 09.10.13

Hello Nadia,

I send you this email to inform you with great joy the birth of my daughter Chloe on October 7 at maternity Geneva. Everything went well and I am very happy.

I gave birth vaginally as expected and I was able to implement the advice of your particular course deep breathing, which helped to manage the contractions (which for me had begun the day before). I gave birth with epidural but it did not stop me from moving the legs to rest positions of the kind of cat, so it is possible to give birth to the mat and do not have a dose that prevents feel contractions when pushing. M

Thank you again for your education, it has been a great help to me on Monday.

Best regards.

Cecile on 08.10.13

Hello Nadia,

I followed your course pre natal yoga in July.

I gave birth three weeks in advance for a little girl Marion. The delivery went very well. Yoga has really helped me during contractions!

I wish to follow with my baby during the postnatal yoga.

Are the classes available in November?

Thank you.

Elodie on 04.10.13

Hello Nadia,

My little Louana was born Saturday, September 28th at 00:36am!

Everything went very well, I see by low birth, it was pretty quick for a first baby (I got to the emergency room at 18:30 on Friday)! I used the yoga positions for supporting my contractions but then at the delivery table is especially breathing and visualization of pleasant things (like during relaxation) that helped me a lot. I went home after 3 days, I start to get used to the role of a mom and Louana. She is a very nice baby.

Yoga was a transition (very nice) during my pregnancy and I thank you for the great class!

Valérie, on 15.07.13

Hi Nadia,

I take this opportunity to give you news from the yoga. We had a second daughter, Leonora, the delivery went well and Leonora’s fine, for now it is a quiet baby. Hope to attend classes wearing-natal

Beautiful summer

Mariko, on 03.06.13

Hello Nadia,

How are you?
I gave birth to a little girl. I apologize for not having contacted you earlier …
Thank you for the yoga that you gave me. During the childbirth I could not do the exercises because I was bedridden in monitoring. However, the breathing exercises were very useful for de-stressing and I could deliver vaginally, with only one stitch.
Thank you again

Shani, on 07.04.13

Hey Nadia,
I hope you’re okay …
For my part, I gave birth on 8th February of a little boy named Keziah and I added a chapter to the long list of thanks already on your blog. A very soft delivery, thanks to your valuable advice and exercises …

Many thanks for your support and your sweetness.


Fanny, on 19.03.13

Hello Nadia!

I wanted to share with you a few moments of the birth of our daughter, during this time I was thinking about you! Comments

Contractions began on February 21 at 4am … I was so excited that the big day finally arrived. I announced a risk of preterm birth in January and now the chip was already three days late! I was really dead impatient. I called the midwife in the morning; she told me that it was pre-labor! Well it lasted ALL day!

We decided to give birth at the homebirth La Roseraie. At 6 pm I called one last time to the point … And the midwife told me to listening to my voice, it is certainly always pre-labor! Hanging up, I had a tantrum so the wait was frustrating. And then … I am told that my baby would never leave because I look like a fool! Comments I sat in my bed, I started to do some deep breathing and concentrate on reassuring images, and places I love. 15 minutes later, my body was crossed by a contraction.

We went to the Homebirth at 9m, dilatation was just beginning. Darling and midwife are lying and I started pacing the room … I kept saying, “the contractions are my friends, the contractions are my friends!” and sometimes I thought it was crazy to think that! I was very calm, very serene; I walked and did rocking my pelvis during contractions. The midwife told me to wake later at 1am to the point and I really wanted to take one so far. I felt very strong. Between midnight and one o’clock, I looked at my watch every minute I think the work became so intense and at 1am I woke everyone up! I made more than half the work alone with my baby!

Then I started a deep breathing with vocalization on expiration, it helped me tremendously! This is a breathing exercise that I did not like during your course because I did not feel comfortable “making a sound.” But during my birth, I did not at all inhibition and it helped me through each contraction, to accompany its release! I stood during the birth and the few times I had to lie down for monitoring it was terrible!

The only time I got scared was when the contractions changed and I felt the reflex expulsion. This feeling was too strong and left me petrified … And then finally I started, anyway, I did not have much choice!

My baby girl was released at 6:30 am, as a beautiful heart! I caught her and I laid her on my stomach, we stayed huddled like that for over an hour. I cannot describe you the feeling as it is upsetting …

And then … Yoga helps me now … The beginning of breastfeeding is difficult but yoga helps me to breathe and to mobilize immediately after my shoulders. I do some stretching. And above all … My baby was sick for several days and she could not sleep and screamed constantly, then meditation during rocking, it saved my life! Comments

In any case, thank you for everything! I can not wait to take the postnatal course!

When does the next classes start, please can you reserve the place for us?

See you soon!

Thank you.

Isabelle, on 12.03.13

Hello Nadia,

As I promess a small photo of Arthur who was born March 7, 4 days after the term.

The delivery has unfortunately ended in cesarean section because my dilatation was no more than 2 for a long time! The breathing and yoga positions helped me a lot to manage the starting contractions and to relieve my back during the last months of pregnancy.

Thank you!


Hello Nadia,
Our little guy pointed the tip of his nose on February 12th, 3kg380 of happiness, all ultimately without an epidural … Yoga has certainly helped me in the management of contractions through breathing! See you soon

Karine, on 10.02.13

A big thank you … for this amazing relaxing workshop as calm as always, good luck for the organization of your success (well deserved my faith!) Kiss

D., on 10.02.13

Hello Nadia,

Here I write you to tell that our son P. was born. The delivery was good and the birth was pretty well, I was patient during the contractions and I had an anesthesia but I apparently “led very well.” I think yoga helped me a lot for the beginning of work so thank you VERY MUCH for that.

Unfortunately, a few hours after the birth I had a bleeding and we had me down the block with general anesthesia for a curettage. When I woke up I had to have a transfusion, which means after 3 weeks I am still very tired.

But P. is fortunately quite easy and very cute so it was worth it!

Thank you for everything and see you soon for yoga with baby.

Pauline, on 31.01.13

Dear Nadia,

I took prenatal yoga classes with you in December. My run was on 28.02. I had a caesarean section on 24.01. My baby was born 2kg because of pre-eclampsia. I wanted to thank you. I have not been able to use your advice for vaginal delievery, but I used the breathing techniques in the days of monstrous stress that I experienced before my cesarean when I fear for my life and my baby, on the operating table when I felt the anxiety rise before my husband arrived, and I use them every day to put in (relaxation shoulders!) as you advised us, stress was seen around my daughter ml swallows or not. She is relaxed and me too, and I’m sure it’s related to what you told. I am looking forward to come for the yoga with baby.

Thank you again and goodbye.

Adriana, on 21.01.13

Dear Nadia,

I want to thank you for your prenatal yoga classes as well as for childbirth preparation classes: they were really very useful to give birth to my baby without anesthesia who weights over 4 kg.

Samuel, 54 cm and 4.4 kg was born on Jan. 9. Thomas and I would like to thank you for your kindness and your valuable advices that convinced us to have a “natural” birth.

I know they did not read me here but I also want to thank the two young midwives who provided their help for me throughout the childbirth. They totally respected our birth plan and have been invaluable!

See you soon for the yoga classes with baby Comments Thank you Nadia

Sina, on 08.01.13

Hi Nadia,

My best wishes for 2013!

How are you? I am writing you to share the birth of our son, L. Y. It was finally 5 days in advance, and he weighed 2.7 kg at birth (46 cm).

Birth has finally gone well, although not as I would have liked. While I did not want an epidural and prepared myself for the entire program in natural version, but I had a caesarian section because L.Y. began to react badly to the contractions, once the expansion was complete, and he did not fall, in addition to “looking at the stars”. The doctor decided to intervene, which seemed justified.

In any case, during the expansion process, I have had the opportunity to use the breathing techniques of yoga, and I think I have held relatively well – thank you again for this wonderful experience. I attached some pictures of our little gem and I am happy to come to yoga postnatal classes.

My best wishes and greetings

Aude, 25.10.12

Hello Nadia,

I do not know if you remember me specially. I attended the session of July’s prenatal yoga classes. After 20 hours of contractions handled very calmly sitting on my ball to swing my hips and breathe as we learned, I decided to go to the maternity where I delivered quietly 6 hours later of a baby boy. 6 weeks after the natural birth I’m writing you to register me for the postnatal yoga classes. And I hope to see you soon.

Mélanie, on 16.09.12


A small Auriane joined us August 17th 2012 and since then we are parents met.
I wanted to thank you Nadia for your yoga, it helped me to live out my pregnancy and to be fully aware of my body and the baby become tame. I could live birth at the maternity according to my desires, without an epidural and in the presence of two midwives. Born in 4:40, Auriane was able to follow her parents’ house at 10am. The presence of a midwife at home every day have been an indispensable help with this little being so fragile.

I wish to register for yoga postnatal on October 18th to November 15th. I also sent a request via your website.

Magali, on 09.09.12

Small Eliane was born on 3rd September after term. The Yoga helped me to endure the contractions for several hours (at the beginning and the end of the delivery when I expected that the effects of the epidural fade better to “push”). I focused on my breath and I was repeated your sentence “contractions are my friends!”

Lise, on 13/08/12

Thank you Nadia for your prenatal yoga classes, which helped me to prepare the delivery. I could stay at home throughout the pre-labor and when I came to motherhood, I could go directly to the delivery room, where everything went well! I didn t have a perineal tear, perhaps through exercises that you have advised to us. In addition, your courses has allowed me to live well my pregnancy, being aware of my body and learning to relax. So a really big thank you! And soon.


Anita, on 3.08.12

Hello Nadia,

I just wanted to mention how much I like your classes! I feel so good afterwards and look forward to them all week.

Many thanks,



Maria-Francesca, on 29.09.11

Good Morning Nadia,

I am sorry but I managed to download the pics only after 2 months!
So, the water broke at home in bed the night between the 23rd and the 24th around 4am and I gave birth on July 24 at 9:42.
The birth was just FANTASTIC, the labor lasted 5 hours and the birth itself just ONE MINUTE.
When I was asked to push and gave it a try, the baby came out with one push only and without tearing and episiotomy…amazing!
The doc gave me 1 stitch only, just as a support and to heal faster…

I must thank you and the yoga classes: without you I couldnt manage the pains and the contrations…
Breathing, concentration and my good will helped me a lot again in this new adventure.
To be Mum again is just fantastic and I love my girls.

Malika the sage-femme a domicile came to my place and helped me in the first 2 weeks with my mastite…she was great too.

Thank you Nadia.
All my best,



Karine, on 11/08/2011

Dear Nadia, I hope you enjoy your stay in India and you grow energy! I am here to give you some news. I could not prevent the provocation that took place on 31.10.11 from 9.00 in the morning to allow A. F. born vaginally the next morning, 01/11/11, at 6.15, a beautiful baby of 3.8kg of happiness,51 cm! Here are some photographs that I hope you can see where ever you are! In short, between the provocation, of 20 hours, the 3-day stay in the mornin ‘I was the opposite of what I was considering (purely physiological childbirth and outpatient …), but thanks to yoga, I couldnot make this delivery and I am grateful for this experience, totally unique! The team of Matt ‘was just brilliant. Take advantage of this good end of year the sun and I am glad to see you again when you return, I kiss you.


Claudia, on 10/02/2011

Hi Nadia, I am pleased to announce you the birth of Emilian, on September 17 at the maternity of Geneva (the day after the last class with you). The delivery went very well. Deep breathing helped me manage the pain of labor (6 hours) and I was able to reach maternity when it ended and it was time to push! Thank you for your classes and your advice on the mobilization and concentration. I feel that I have prepared well and they helped me to live this incredible moment. Best regards and may be soon for the post-natal yoga classes.


Solene, Fall 2011

Hello Nadia, I return to you after class on Friday that I thought was great. I felt really good after.


Tania, on 21.07.2011

Dear Nadia, Hello! It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce the birth of our little princess – Anna. She was born on July 14 at 24:36, just two days after the term. It is 50 cm and weighs 3.2 kg. The birth was natural and vaginally without epidural medication and other means, the way I wanted! Five and a half hours after arrival at the Mat it was done! Just the expulsion phase was long enough, more than an hour and a half. Apart from the tear I had an episiotomy, which made me tear partial degree of 3. Since then I’ve always bcp hardly walk and sit. But this is not important when I have my own in my hands! Thank you for what you have learned during your yoga class, and especially for breathing helped me to do the pre-work (up to 3 cm) at home and endure the painful contractions during Mat work without the anesthesia. Once again thank you! and good luck with your course!


Christine, on 29/03/2011

Hello Nadia I am sorry because I missed the last class tonight! I return to being an emergency vet with my dog, which opened the palace, poor, ugly and very painful! I really had no choice there! But I wanted you to know, because I will not be able to do today, all the benefits of this course! Knowing that each person experiences things their way and according to their body, on my side I’m thrilled! Much for this party I will say that physical energy! In fact I found a real well-being and deep relaxation, a harmony of my being with my body! Practicing at home is definitely a plus to keep the talks! I find it interesting because I do a lot of meditation and the process of yoga style suits me as quite! Work in different ways to be good and everything comes together! (Alignment, grounding, inking, openness, balance, relax the mind, let the energy flow etc …) But to speak more basic physics: This yoga allows me to switch complete pain due to my large varix which is along the back of my thigh, pass over the vulva and groin back in front! Definitely a burning sensation especially on inflamed nerve in the groin! And now if I complete the process of yoga (just because some exercises are not enough) Breathing – stretching – positions – breathing and relaxation at last what you taught us, and even more pain and a much better night! I wanted to let you know in case you have other women with this problem, it really frees this pain! In addition: less compression in the head (I have not had nosebleeds since if I practice regularly), a much more flexible and comfortable with my body, a diaphragm and a more relaxed baby who feels more comfortable! Course held in the right position is vital if not the best for the back! I arrive at this end of pregnancy (35 weeks) more confident and relaxed with delivery. The theory from last time was helpful, since this is what I practice! You have to give useful key and I wanted to let you know! So here’s a little “feedback” of a student who thanks you and wishes you a happy life with full of happiness! Best Regards


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