Hindu Legend

Hindu Legend


An old Hindu legend says was a time when all men were gods. As they abused that power, Brahma, the master of the gods, decided to remove them and hide in a place where they could not find him. Yes but where?
Brahma called the gods in council to solve this minor problem.
- Bury the divinity of man, they proposed.

But Brahma replied:
- It’s not enough, for man will dig and find.

The gods replied:
- In this case, hide it all on the ocean floor.

But Brahma replied:
- No, because sooner or later man will explore the depths of the ocean. It will eventually find it and rise to the surface.


Then the Gods said:
- We do not know where to hide, because it does not seem to exist on earth or under the sea where man can not reach one day.


But Brahma replied:
- Here is what we will do the divinity of man: we will hide
deep within himself, because it is the only place he will never think to look.


And since that time, the legend concludes, man explores, climbing, diving and
hollow, looking for something that is in him.

Source: Adapted from the book: R. Airault, Fous de l’Inde, p.9-10, Edition Payot, 2000.

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