Pregnant women

Prenatal yoga class

Pregnancy is increasingly perceived as a disease while it is normal for a woman. Only 10% of pregnancies are at risk. Yoga will bring a gentle stretching, it helps reduce the fear related to childbirth and it calms the mind which is very important.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage “Abyangam” comes from an ancient tradition of India, it provides relaxation, helps eliminate toxins, releases muscle tension and reduces stress levels. After the massage, the women feel they are more relaxed and in better shape.

Prenatal classes

I offer courses to prepare for the birth, to the couple individually at home or in my office.


Reiki is a Japanese technique of channeling energy by application of the hands. The healing energy heals and rebalances the body by reconnecting with the spirit and bring harmony, vitality, wisdom, healing.

Hakim massage

Hakim massage focuses on relaxation of the muscles of the back and spine. It comes from the Sufi dervishes of the best known medicine in Switzerland From Breuss massage.

Workshop for relaxation

This workshop is intended to relax during 1:30.
You will find three important techniques of yoga breathing exercises (pranayama), concentration (dharana) – meditation (dhyana) and relaxation (yoga nidra).