Prenatal yoga class

Prenatal yoga class

Dr. Latha Venkatram, yoga research foundation of Vyasa, Bangalore, Inde :

“Pregnancy is increasingly perceived as a disease while it is normal for a woman. Only 10% of pregnancies are at risk. Yoga (during pregnancy) will provide a gentle stretching, it diminishes the fear related to childbirth and it calms the mind,it is very important. It helps relieve stress and keep a pscychological pregnancy. Finally, I found that pregnant women who practice yoga have a stress level much lower, common problems associated with pregnancy such as backaches, heavy legs, vomiting, cramps etc. are reduced. The work of childbirth is going better. “

Extract from the CD “Yoga as therapy”.

This service is supported by the  Lamal and  other additionnal insurances. Find out directly from them to know your coverage.

My experience as a midwife provides more significant in these courses compared to conventional prenatal yoga.

There is the comments of the women who followed my classes.



Thursday at L’atelier de yoga, 24 rue Goetz-Monin, 1205 Genève

Tuesday at Cabinet d’acceuil périnatal, 11 route de chêne, 1207 Genève

Price – total 10h of course

Normal: The first entry 250 chf for 5 classes of 1:45 and a theorical class of 45 min. The following inscriptions 200 chf  to 40 chf for 5 classes to class

Students, AI, Unemployed: The first entry 200 chf for 5 classes of 1:45 and theorical class of 45 min. The following inscriptions 200 chf to 40 chf for 5 classes to class.

Also available: private class on request, price: 1h00 ( 60 min) for 130.-, 1h15 (75 min) 150.- on wenersdays at Cabinet d’acceuil périnatal, 11 route de chêne, 1207 Genève

Time Group Class

Tuesday 6 pm to 7:45 pm in french

Thursday 4 pm to 5:45 pm and 6 pm to 7:45 pm


More informations

Yoga is the science of “living well”. It works on all aspects of the person, mainly on the physical, emotional and spiritual. It means “unity” is derived from Sanskrit “yuj” which means “join”.
The goal of yoga is to achieve a better coordination of various body functions for the welfare of it. Yoga works on many systems: hormonal, circulatory, nervous, muscle and joint. Yoga practice relieves tension, improves breathing and concentration. It brings the relaxation of body and mind; it helps relieve physical and psychological stress.


During pregnancy, the respiratory capacity is decreased by increasing the size of the uterus and growing baby. In Sanskrit, “pranayama” is defined as the control of breathing. It helps concentration and mental relaxation. It consists of two words “prana”, “vital energy” and “ayama”
“Expansion, extension”. The “pranayama” breathing balance, cleans the body and mind, develops harmony and inner peace. The purpose of these exercises is to bring more oxygen for you and your child, helping its smooth development. It is advisable to repeat these exercises at home or in the day. These exercises will help you learn to breathe better during the 9 months of pregnancy and during delivery.

Muscles and joints

Thanks to “asana” or “positions held”, muscles and joints are maintained, become more flexible and relax. The regular practice of asana keeps the body in optimum condition and ensures a good balance of nervous and mental ability.


“Bandha” means “hold.” The “moola bandha” is the perineal contraction. This exercise helps the awareness, knowledge and mastery of his perineum. It prepares the muscles to support the pregnancy; it increases the elasticity of the muscles facilitating the birth of your baby and avoids the postnatal complications.

The goals of this course

  • Preparing for childbirth
  • Learning to breathe easier to manage uterine contractions
  • To relax, to relieve the stress
  • To stretch with the postures of hatha yoga
  • Reducing muscle tension
  • To educate and prepare a smooth perineum
  • To take a moment for yourself while pregnant, in body awareness
  • To improve the quality of sleep


Each session includes the exercises mentioned. At the beginning of the course takes place a mental preparation to help to forget the worries . This course is intended both as starters and accustomed to this practice. You can start these courses at any time during your pregnancy. Come 10 minutes before the beginning of the course to get ready. During the fourth hatha yoga prenatal class, theoretical information data will be done from 17:30 to 18:30. You can ask me your questions before, during and after the class. We must avoid eating two hours before class to not be in the process of digestion. The stimulating drinks before and after the course are also avoided. You can drink some water before the class if you need it, but not during the course as far as possible. It is necessary to bring comfortable clothes.



The “yoga nidra” is a process of relaxation of body and mind. This relaxation clot each session of yoga.